The 12 Best Free GMAT Practice Tests

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Taking timed practice tests is an integral part of preparing for the GMAT. Fortunately, there’s a lot of free material online that will give you the full test-taking experience.

This guide features the top 12 resources for free GMAT practice tests, along with a full review of each test’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus, you’ll find some tips on how to use GMAT practice tests in the most effective way possible.

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GMAT Test Dates: Full Guide to Choosing (2018, 2019)


With everything going on in your busy life, when should you schedule the GMAT? Should you take the test months before your application deadlines or give yourself as much time to study as possible? Would you do better bright and early in the morning, or should you opt for an appointment in the afternoon?

Selecting the right date and time for your GMAT is an important step along the path to business school. To help you choose, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about GMAT test dates, how to pick one, and when to register. Continue reading “GMAT Test Dates: Full Guide to Choosing (2018, 2019)”

GMAT Study Material: 20 Best Prep Resources to Raise Your Score


With all of the options for GMAT prep, which ones are the most effective? Which GMAT study material will help you master the test and achieve your target score?

To help you prepare for this important exam, we’ve compiled all of the best GMAT study materials in one guide. You’ll find official and unofficial resources, prep books and online programs, free GMAT study materials and ones you can purchase.
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How Long Do GMAT Scores Last?


Unlike a diamond, a GMAT score isn’t forever. But how long do GMAT scores last, exactly? After five years, GMAT scores are no longer valid for business school admission. After 10 years, you can’t even see them!

If you’re applying to a business program, you’ll need to send scores that are five or fewer years old. Read on to find out the exact policies around how long GMAT scores last and how these policies affect your test-taking schedule.

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GMAT Exam Pattern: Learn the Test Format


While it’s impossible to know exactly what questions you’ll get on the GMAT, you can predict the structure of the test. Everybody gets a slightly different version, but each test taker sees the same GMAT pattern.

This guide will go over the GMAT exam pattern so you know exactly what to expect. After reading this article, you won’t have any surprises when it comes to format.

To start, let’s go over what you need to know about the GMAT before taking this unique test. Continue reading “GMAT Exam Pattern: Learn the Test Format”

Average GMAT Scores: Where Do You Rank?


Every year, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) takes a close look at everyone’s GMAT scores. They find the average GMAT score for all test takers, plus they calculate mean scores by different demographics, like gender and region of citizenship. All of this number crunching helps GMAC see trends in scores over time and ensure that the GMAT is a valid test for people across the world.

Read on to learn how everyone does on the GMAT and to see whether your scores are competitive. You’ll also find data on the average GMAT scores of accepted students at almost 50 business schools! Continue reading “Average GMAT Scores: Where Do You Rank?”

28 GMAT Practice Tests to Help You Prepare for the Exam

gmat practice tests

Taking practice tests is an essential part of any GMAT study plan. There are a number of free GMAT practice tests online, as well as several high-quality resources available for purchase.

This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of all of your GMAT practice test options, along with some tips for making the most of these materials. First, let’s go over the general GMAT practice test landscape. Continue reading “28 GMAT Practice Tests to Help You Prepare for the Exam”

The 4 GMAT Sections: What to Expect on the Test


To truly understand the GMAT, you need to break it into pieces. There are four sections in the exam, each with its own challenges and demands.

There are some shared themes throughout the GMAT sections, but each stands on its own and requires unique preparation. This guide will go over the four GMAT sections in full so you know exactly what to expect from each one and how to get ready for exam day.

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The 5 Best GMAT Questions of the Day

gmat question of the day

We all have daily routines. What if answering a GMAT question every day became as natural as reading the news or brushing your teeth?

Answering a daily GMAT question is a quick and easy way to prep for the GMAT. Even if you don’t have time for hours of intensive studying, you can feel confident that you’ve taken a small step toward your GMAT goals every day.

This guide will share the best resources for GMAT Questions of the Day (QOTD). To start, let’s define exactly what a GMAT Question of the Day is. Continue reading “The 5 Best GMAT Questions of the Day”

GMAT Fees: How Much Does the Exam Cost?


If you’re a future business student, then you know it’s important to think about the bottom line. Before you get into business school, how much will you need to spend on GMAT fees?

This guide will go over all the fees associated with the GMAT so you know what to expect as a test-taker. Plus, you’ll find some tips for keeping your total GMAT cost down.

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