The Best GMAT IR Practice: 200+ Questions for Your Prep


For many students, there’s an air of mystery surrounding the GMAT Integrated Reasoning section.  Designed to test real-world skills, the IR section can seem more complicated to study for than the other sections of the exam. In this guide, I’ll help you find the best tools for GMAT integrated reasoning practice.

First, I’ll talk about what the IR section tests and the types of questions you’ll see on it. Next, I’ll talk about what you need to prepare for the IR and what you should look for in your IR practice materials. Then, I’ll review both official and unofficial practice materials so that you have a good starting place to begin your practice. Finally, I’ll give you some tips for making the most out of your Integrated Reasoning GMAT practice.

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GMAT Integrated Reasoning: 9 Tips for a Top Score

what is integrated reasoning

Introduced in June of 2012, Integrated Reasoning is the newest section of the GMAT. The test makers added this challenging section to emphasize skills of data interpretation on their business school exam.

This guide will go over everything you need to know about the Integrated Reasoning GMAT section, including its purpose, question types, and how you can prepare for it. To start, let’s go over a basic overview of GMAT IR. Continue reading “GMAT Integrated Reasoning: 9 Tips for a Top Score”

The 5 Best GMAT Integrated Reasoning Books


Are you worried about the GMAT integrated reasoning section? You’re not alone. Many students find the integrated reasoning section difficult to understand and to prepare for.

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