What Is a Good GMAT Score for Scholarships?


Worried about paying for your MBA, but proud of your GMAT score? You might be eligible for funding! Many business schools offer partial or full scholarships for high-achieving students. But is there a specific GMAT score you need in order to secure a scholarship? Can you get a GMAT scholarship?

In this article, I’ll go over the average GMAT scores that tend to secure funding for business students, as well as some examples of specific school-based and organization-based MBA scholarships. You’ll get a good idea of how to find scholarships you’re eligible for and what kind of score you’ll need to have a shot at landing them. Continue reading “What Is a Good GMAT Score for Scholarships?”

GMAT Fees: How Much Does the Exam Cost?


If you’re a future business student, then you know it’s important to think about the bottom line. Before you get into business school, how much will you need to spend on GMAT fees?

This guide will go over all the fees associated with the GMAT so you know what to expect as a test-taker. Plus, you’ll find some tips for keeping your total GMAT cost down.

To start, let’s answer the big question: how much does the GMAT cost? Continue reading “GMAT Fees: How Much Does the Exam Cost?”

The 8 Best Free GMAT Prep Resources (and 3 Cheap Ones)


Need to prepare for the GMAT on a budget? Look no further.

In this article, I’ve collected the eight best free GMAT prep resources available, as well as three great inexpensive practice materials if you have a bit of cash to spend. GMAT practice materials can get expensive fast, but with these resources, you won’t break the bank prepping for the exam. Continue reading “The 8 Best Free GMAT Prep Resources (and 3 Cheap Ones)”

Free GMAT Prep: 12 Practice Tests, Questions, and Apps


Applying to the GMAT can be expensive. There are fees for just about everything, and the costs can quickly add up. GMAT prep can be especially costly, whether you’re investing in prep courses, software, tutoring, or even books. If you’re concerned with keeping your expenses low, studying for the GMAT can seem daunting.

The good news is that there are many high quality GMAT resources available that are free or low cost. In this guide, I’ll take you through the very best free GMAT prep resources, from practice tests to apps, and offer suggestions for ways to save money while you study.

Continue reading “Free GMAT Prep: 12 Practice Tests, Questions, and Apps”

Can You Get a GMAT Fee Waiver?


If you’re concerned about finances as you’re applying to business school, affording the GMAT fee can be a serious challenge. After all, the GMAT is expensive: It costs $250 to take the exam, and you’ll have to pay the full fee every time if you want to take the test more than once.

Unfortunately, GMAC doesn’t offer GMAT fee waivers directly to applicants, but you do have options for getting your GMAT fee waived or reduced. In this article, I’m going to talk about your options for GMAT fee waivers, how to get them, who qualifies, and other money saving tips to make your GMAT prep more affordable and accessible.

Continue reading “Can You Get a GMAT Fee Waiver?”