MBA GPA Requirements: What’s Good for Business School?


GPA’s can be one of the most fraught parts of the MBA application process, since you can’t really change it. What’s a good GPA for MBA programs? How can you determine the MBA GPA requirements at your prospective business schools?

In this article, I’ll go over a what a good GPA for business school is, how much and why your GPA matters in the course of MBA admissions, and what to do if your undergraduate GPA is lower than you’d like it to be. Continue reading “MBA GPA Requirements: What’s Good for Business School?”

Getting Into Business School With a Low GPA: 5 Top Tips


Aside from your GMAT score, your GPA is the most important number on your MBA admissions application. Admissions committees look at your GPA as an indicator of past academic performance and as a predictor of whether or not you’ll succeed in their program. So can you get your MBA with a low GPA?

While a low undergraduate GPA certainly makes admission to business schools more difficult, it doesn’t make it impossible. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of low GPA MBA admissions. First, I’ll talk about why GPA matters to MBA programs. Next, I’ll talk about what actually counts as a low GPA for MBA programs. Finally, I’ll give you some tips and tricks for on getting into business school with a low GPA.

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