Quick and Easy GMAT Scratch Paper Technique [Video]

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of GMAT strategy is using your GMAT scratch pad. Using your GMAT scratch paper to keep track of and work through information is a large part of your testing experience, so learning how to use it effectively is critical to your success on the exam. In “GMAT Scratch Paper Technique”, we discuss a quick strategy for making the most of your GMAT scratch paper.

First, we discuss why the GMAT scratch pad provided by your testing center is different than any scratch paper you’ve used before: GMAT scratch paper comes in a spiral-bound pad of 5 sheets; the pages are yellow, laminated, and covered in a grid pattern; you write on it with a marker than you can’t erase; and you can only get more paper if you request a new pad from your proctor.

However, this strange set up can be a blessing in disguise. We reveal the technique that will help you make the most of your GMAT scratch paper: using the grid to your advantage. We spend the remainder of the video digging into various applications of this GMAT strategy — from straightforward uses of the GMAT scratch paper grid, such as the creation of diagrams, to less obvious uses that lead to the reduction of simple mistakes and improved time management.

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