Ask a Kellogg MBA: Admissions and GMAT FAQ [Video]

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is well-known as one of the top business schools in the United States. But why do real MBA candidates choose Kellogg? What exactly does it take to get in? And how important is the GMAT in the admissions process?

In “Ask a Kellogg MBA: Admissions and GMAT FAQ”, we sit down with Yuan Geng, a Kellogg MBA and Director of GRE and TOEFL here at PrepScholar. She answers our questions about Kellogg MBA admissions and responds to some GMAT FAQ, including:

  1. Why Kellogg?
  2. What was the Kellogg MBA application process like when you applied?
  3. How important was your GMAT score as part of your Kellogg MBA admissions application?
  4. How did you study for the GMAT?
  5. Did you do anything to study for the GMAT that you wouldn’t recommend to students currently preparing for the test?
  6. What is your biggest piece of advice for students beginning the Kellogg MBA admissions process or applying to another business school?

Watch the video to hear her answers!

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Author: Erika John

Erika graduated from the University of Washington and got a 99th-percentile score on the GMAT. With years of experience teaching standardized test prep and directing a private tutoring academy, Erika is passionate about giving students the tools they need to succeed in cracking the GMAT and GRE.