Learn the 9 Most Important Tips for a 700+ GMAT Score [Video]


A lot of GMAT test takers aim for a 700+ GMAT score. A good GMAT score can open doors to top schools, yield standout applications, and provide opportunities for merit scholarships.

However, according to data from the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), the makers of the GMAT, only 12% of GMAT test takers score a 700 or above. So how can you get a high GMAT score?

In our first ever PrepScholar GMAT video, we walk through the top nine tips for how to get a 700+ on the GMAT. We’ll cover both general GMAT strategy and more specific GMAT tips and tricks for a 700+ GMAT score. For instance, Tip #6 explains

  1. why some test takers score worse on their exam than on their practice tests
  2. how you can avoid doing the same by preparing for test day, not just test content. 

We’ll also go into detail about the best way to study for GMAT concepts and the best way to prepare for GMAT-specific features. Additionally, I’ll explain what makes the best GMAT study materials for a 700+ GMAT score. Watch the video to learn more!



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Happy studies, and good luck cracking 700!

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Author: Erika John

Erika graduated from the University of Washington and got a 99th-percentile score on the GMAT. With years of experience teaching standardized test prep and directing a private tutoring academy, Erika is passionate about giving students the tools they need to succeed in cracking the GMAT and GRE.