The Best GMAT Diagnostic Test + 13 Tips to Plan Your Prep

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So you’re ready to start studying for the GMAT! Great…but how do you start? The best way to kick off your exam prep is with a GMAT diagnostic test, which will help you see where your score is starting off, how much you need to improve, what kinds of prep resources you’ll need, and how to craft the perfect study plan for yourself.

In this article, I’ll go over where to find the best free GMAT diagnostic test, how to analyze your test results, and tips for customizing an effective study plan just for you.

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Khan Academy GMAT Prep: 3 Tips for How It Can Help You


You may have heard of Khan Academy as a free resource offering standardized test prep. But can you use Khan Academy for GMAT prep? What can it help you with?

In this article, I’ll go over the different Khan Academy GMAT prep materials, how to use them, and what Khan Academy can and can’t do for your GMAT study plan. Continue reading “Khan Academy GMAT Prep: 3 Tips for How It Can Help You”

How to Pass the GMAT: 6 Expert Tips


The GMAT is a confusing test — not only is the material itself difficult, the scoring doesn’t resemble anything you’ve see in school. What counts as a passing the GMAT? How can you do it? In this article, I’ll define a  GMAT passing score and offer tips on how pass the GMAT and reach your goals. Continue reading “How to Pass the GMAT: 6 Expert Tips”

GMAT Eligibility: 3 Key Factors


Who is eligible to take the GMAT? It’s one of the most common questions asked by students hoping to complete this step on the way to their MBA.

In this article, I’ll break down the three main GMAT eligibility criteria for anyone looking to register, as well as factors that can make you ineligible to take the test now or in the future. We’ll also briefly cover the other eligibility criteria set by most business schools when they evaluate potential students. Continue reading “GMAT Eligibility: 3 Key Factors”